Blockchain into the Entertainment Market!!

ENTOK Platform

The Discovery project of new IDOL in Hallyu entertainment industry begins with Cryptocurrency based on blockchain.

Report on the progress of the Sur-ple ICO. Go to >> CLICK
The Sur-ple ICO
has ended
Dec. 15 15:00:00 2017 UTC
Dec. 15 24:00:00 2017 KST

Target volume for tokens sale


Maximum number of generated ANYCOIN


WHY : Cryptocurrency into the Entertainment market?

Global markets for Hallyu entertainment contents are booming.

Cryptocurrency technology is changing trend across business fund-raising.
This is reflected in the fact that the daily trading volume of cryptocurrency market in South Korea is about 2.6 trillion KRW, which is equivalent to that of KOSDAQ market.

ENTOK platform creates a new business trend that can be operated on the basis of contents in Hallyu entertainment market
and investment in cryptocurrency based on blockchain.

Are You Ready to Join the New Trend?

WHAT : ENTOK Platform Business Model

Investors receive ANYCOIN in return for providing Ethereum.
ICO funds are used to produce high-quality IDOL groups through an entertainment production company.
Investors will be paid dividends based on revenue from the IDOL group's activities.
Part of ICO funds will be allocated to a deposit and used for the exchange operation.
Investors can sell their own ANYCOIN directly on exchanges and will be able to make profits.


Business convergence through ENTOK platform presents a virtuous cycle model of new value investing
and content developing across the entertainment business ecosystem.

WHO : making ENTOK Platform more concrete


Technical Development
Committee R&D Unit,

ENTOK Platform development,
Token development,
Continuous upgrading of technology

Supervision and
Management Committee Legal Unit, Compliance Unit

Technology law review,
Business law review,
Business feasibility review

Entertainment Item
Committee Item Development Unit

New idol searching/training,
Music album producing,
Promotion video producing

Public Relationship
Committee Marketing Unit

Broadcasting media public relations,
Performance promotion,
Promotion development,
Partnership expansion

Advisory Committee
  Consultant Unit

Technology development advice,
Technology enhancement advice

ENTOK platform has been completed through cooperation with various expert groups in order to ensure stable investment process in connection with entertainment items.
The successful ICO results and the business status are transparently disclosed through reputable organization and press media.


ICO Plan Fund-raising term : November, 15th, 2017. ~ December, 5th, 2017

Target volume for tokens sale : 43,000 ETH
  • 1

    AnyCoin, AnyPay, AnyPOS development
    AnyMining launching

  • 2

    ICO promotion
    Idol group ‘Sur-Ple’ 1st recording release
    The 1st marketing promotion

  • 3

    Idol group ‘Sur-Ple’ 2nd recording release
    The 2nd marketing promotion
    ICO result report
    Sur-Ple Token issuance
    Exchange listing of ANYCOIN

  • 4

    Various marketing promotion & regular promotion
    Idol group TV and cable channel appearance and global partnership promotion

  • 5

    Idol group partnership expansion abroad, overseas expansion
    ENTOK Management Platform building
    ENTOK Social Market Platform building
    Year-end settlement of 2018

  • 6

    Provision of dividends in February (in the case of profits)
    ENTOK version update
      - technology/security update
      - Service update

provide the most powerful platform
to drive innovation in the entertainment market.